Superpower Comments

Your movie is probably the most progressive ever made!

Edward R., Reedley, CA

Unfortunately the Germans don't have the guts to make a movie anywhere near the one you made.

Thomas T., Germany

I'm an International Securities and Conflict Resolution student. I've seen nothing but good reviews for Superpower and I feel like it is one in a great line of documentaries that I can't live without. I'm in the habit of watching great documentaries (such as Zeitgeist, Fog of War, etc.) and then showing them to everyone I can convince to sit and watch. I feel that films such as these are incredibly important to the general public if we can just get them to watch.

Travis A., San Diego

I foresee repeated orders as I have like-minded friends who really appreciate such good work.

Saif A., Karachi-Pakistan

Congratulations on the superb movie! I have forbidden myself to watch any movie since the shallowness of the Hollywood is almost unbearable, but I may re-valuate my judgment on movies as a legitimate medium of communication from now on.

Frank H., Houston, Texas

It's refreshing (if that term can possibly apply to these subjects) to learn the topics you focused on and how you presented your film in sections. I gather that you must see connectivity with the whole military industrial complex and how it has become a pervasive element within nearly every aspect of our government and how it (man)handles its own as well as the global population; Eisenhower was portentous to say the least.

Greg C.

MIS FELICITACIONES!!!! It is a great documentary. The world needed it.

Gustavo F., Cali, Colombia

I thought your movie, and website was not only a portrayal of truth, it is by far a lesson that we all need to look an scrutinize as a country. It is a beacon of Hope, the old saying that the Truth Will Set You Free, sure rings this bell! I wanted to make sure you knew I also saw or felt the courage of putting yourself on the frontline of truth was very apparant. Keep up the Great & Courageous work!

Carlos G.

Thanks in making the movie we need more people (moviemakers) like you. A lot of us are truthseekers.

Reynalda A., Los Angeles

Thanks for producing this documentary. Most people are oblivious as to what really goes on behind the curtain. I wish you the best with all your endeavors and Iím glad women are taking on issues like these because I am convinced they bring a different perspective. I am thankful for people like you and your work because it provides a bit of hope in a senseless world.

Adriana L., Nashville

I am getting increasingly concerned about the world in general. I truly feel that individual people have lost their voice and that a select few in the world have hijacked and taken control of the world. I guess I am sick and tired of seeing the killing of innocent people around the world for reasons based on lies and greed. Thus, I was looking around for documentaries around the internet seeing whether people were documenting this, if some people see the truth behind what is going on.


You make us proud! Thank you for sharing the bones of this incredible undertaking. My thoughts and prayers be with you as you fly to LA and participate in the seminars and festivals.

Thank you for undertaking a work of this importance. My best to all of your production people and your family.

Bob S, Suwanee, GA

I will be thinking about you and wish you and this stroke of genius of a film the very best. What an incredible array of spokespeople. What better time then now for this film to be recognized and seen by all.

Thank you and your team for all your hard work,

Kathe L, Greensboro, NC

I'm sure you do your best to educate, inform and awaken your students. I hope you can appreciate how necessary for all people of the world your movie's art and message IS!

Thank you again for your work and concern for our world.

Lee F.

You deserved the Directorís Award for bravery for producing this controversial film about the American Military Industrial Complex. Films like "Superpower" are needed today.

Congratulations on your other nominations and awards as well.

Robert L, Hollywood, CA

We are impressed how professional the video was. There were a few things I learned that I didn't know. Christy, did an outstanding job of narrator. The video flowed smoothly. We felt you made your points well.

Bob and Jean T, Winter Park, FL

The movie was a real eye opener. I never learned this in high school. Go figure.

April P, Summerfield, NC

It's obvious a lot of work went into the making of "Superpower". Its time we had a film that tells the truth and challenges the system.

Ellen S, Los Angeles, CA

"Superpower" is a frightening film because it reveals truths the public either doesn't know or doesn't want to hear. I just hope the powers-that-be don't do something to block this from being released.

Merle D, NYC

This film put history into perspective in a different light than I ever learned in school. I was particularly disturbed by the testimony from Mahar Arar. The United States should not be involved with rendition or torture. Maybe "Superpower" will encourage viewers to take action and make a change.

Richard J, Redmond, WA